Reflections on a time when the universe was young, and the light was upon us all … Welcome to the Convergence Part I

​Welcome to the Convergence … Gateway to the worlds of Author Grant Fausey’s Novel Series: Of Crimson Indigo and the developing vision of a series for television.

Crimson and Indigo are two young, star-crossed lovers whose journey has propelled them from one existence to another-across multiple lifetimes and alternate realities to a place where their love may survive. But now, with both near the end of their existence on a world where the past, present, and future coexists, the two temporal travelers must forge a new relationship with one another in the fever of a budding love affair that may-well consume both of them.

​For the assassin, Crimson, however, the past suddenly no longer has any meaning. Stripped away, leaving the once torrid love affair  burning within her soul nothing more than a fleeting memory of a flame of the heart. Yet, she is strangely drawn to a formidable bounty hunter, whom she finds herself marooned with on a mysterious world at the threshold of a spatial rift where she is taunted by memories of her previous existence, and the probability of losing the one thread of her life capable of rekindling her love for the torcheres soul of Indigo, the bounty hunter against the irritable prospect of being consumed by the littoral breathtaking metamorphosis of a universe in the midst of a temporal convergence, the young lovers must confront their own demons like pawns in some proverbial game of chess and find a way to restore the future, before their future existence is erased from history, forever… 

And so goes the original novel of the Crimson Indigo Saga, entitled Of Crimson Indigo: Points of Origin. Available now from and other fine bookstores. Now on to reflections of a distant past… 

The original concept for Of Crimson Indigo: Points of Origin was to tell a ten part story that had no beginning or ending, only the sum of it’s parts. It was to be an intricate look at the human condition, how reality shapes our perception of what is real and what is make believe. It was to be multi-generation, hence giving it the span of multiple lifetimes for the events of the saga to come to fruition and draw in logical conclusions to the end points of the story, but something changed mid-stream. A new element was born that altered the course of the project laying the ground work for something unbelievably formidable in size and shape –– what if the story wasn’t just multigenerational, but rather multiple individual lifetimes in stature. Future Course was born, and a single comic book was released exploring the aspects of a minor character in the story. But the demise of the company prevented any further development of the project and the first rendition of the project was scrapped until a second incarnation of Future Course took shape in the spring of new era.  Alien Landscapes and Marauders of the Black Sun hit the drawing board as perspective feature film projects altering the concept of the saga still again. This time the element of the possibility of being the first IMAX feature film was introduced with the probability of having ADI and ILM respectively considered as part of the production.

On the morning of a proposed trip to ILM, for a visual effects meeting disaster once again struck the project, this time in face of a major earthquake in Southern California. A disaster that put Alien Landscapes on the back burner for nearly a decade. It seemed success for this property would never come.

Next time: Reflections continues with a new twist, and a resurrection that rekindled a new incarnation of the project that would breathe new life into the property, and in essence, an entirely new reality as the foundation of an adventure that would take another turn, and once again cross that threshold in a ground breaking direction … The Living Machine Chronicles.

Reflections is the Blog of Author Grant Fausey
Creator Of Crimson Indigo

©2018 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

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Art of the Day for July 4, 2020

Happy Independence Day to all of you out there. Stay healthy and safe… Here is another preproduction illustration I created this year. I’m continuing to use my time to get ideas out of my head and digitally on paper. Thanks for looking. The Of Crimson Indigo Convergence Blog will continue … Looking forward to 2021! Check out my other artwork at:

“Departure” by Grant Fausey ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

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Art of the Day for Sunday June 28, 2020

Here for the first time are two preproduction images for my short Proof of Concept film based on my novel series Of Crimson Indigo. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Sunday to all… stay healthy and safe. Best!

™ & ©2011-2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

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New job search continues …

Now that it’s been several years since Ramona’s passing from ALS, and my encounter with cancer over the past 18 months has been met head-on and defeated, it’s time to get back to life. I’m looking to return to Southern California. Specifically, a position in the film or television industry. Preferably, a studio or production company position, but I’m open to other ideas. Writing continues on several high concept screenplays … that’s what’s in the works. Thanks so much.

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An All New Proof of Concept short underway …

Miniature set construction continues. Storyboards are in revision and digital backgrounds are in development …

Meet Relix, our hero, and his sidekick, Tee. They’re off on a little adventure to a world of wonder, where life takes an unexpected turn sending the two explores to a place where aNything is possible, even living, breathing Machines.

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Of Crimson Indigo Saga timeline…

Alas, the saga defined … the Of Crimson Indigo Saga Timeline … ™ & ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

More to come!

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Art of the day June 23, 2020

©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

ALPHA TRACK: OMEGA SQUADRON – SOL FIGHTER ™ & ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

Hi all …

I thought I would take a moment to bring you up to speed on my latest. SOL FIGHTER is a new adventure series from the universe OF CRIMSON INDIGO, which follows the exploits of a rookie pilot who is destined to save the universe. It is fast-paced and action packed for audiences of all ages, creeds, and species…

ALPHA TRACK: OMEGA SQUADRON ONE SHEET ™ & ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

Meet the elite legion of ITOL – the Integrated Tactical Offensive Line Warriors of the Interdimensional Strategic Assault Forces known as the OMEGA SQUADRON SHADOWRIDERS, the “Best of the Best” temporal agents under I.S.A.F. COMMAND.

SHADOWRIDERS ™ & ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

Join Rookie pilot Jennifer Marks as she sets out to earn her place amidst the elite warriors of I.S.A.F. COMMAND, only to find herself in the midst of a temporal war where she finds her place among the SHADOWRIDERS, a time traveling squad of ITOL Warriors and their long lost counterparts hidden throughout time, across the universe. It’s a reunion you’ll never forget as the last hope for mankind comes from the past to save the future.

OF CRIMSON INDIGO: THE KALAMAR INDIGNA ™ & ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

Join the crew of the “Scavenger” as they join forces to stop the impending doom of a universe under siege. It’s an all out test of survival, intrigue, and innuendo that will take you from the worlds of Cosmic Springs to Trithen, the home of the galaxy-wide company responsible for the creation of a universe within a universe. Hellbent on altering the future course of civilization, five travelers brave an uncertain future in the adventure of a lifetime, only to find themselves destined to prevent the beachhead of temporal convergence known as the Kalamar Indigna.

OF CRIMSON INDIGO: CONVERGENCE – THE ADVENTURES OF OLIVIA SUTTON ™ & ©2020 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved

On mission to discover the truth behind rumors of the Industries top secret project which lies hidden amidst the border worlds, the crew of the jumpship “MYSTIC THUNDER” crosses the great divide into uncharted territory of an alternate reality to uncover the source of the Celestial Conjunction Platform known as the Flat Earth Solar Construction Project.

More to come … thanks for visiting the Convergence.

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I’M BACK … Moving Forward beyond several bouts of Cancer. Now back to the saga and pushing the envelope. New books, new visions, preproduction design, Concept Art, rewrites and marketing several screenplays and beginning development on an all new adventure.

It seems like it’s been forever since I pressed the keys or orally presented the next installment of the direction across the platform. But we’re back, and the next installment is on the way…

One sheet concept art, Cosmic Springs™ by Grant Fausey, © 2020 Grant Fausey, All Rights Reserved
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Art of the day, July 22, 2019

Of Crimson Indigo: Convergence – The Kalamar Indigna Book Cover Art by Grant Fausey,
© 2019 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC, All Rights Reserved

The Kalamar Indigna, the first novella prequel to the Of Crimson Indigo: Convergence Series begins with a episodic adventure that sets the stage for the entire Crimson Indigo Saga.


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Art of the Day… July 12, 2019

The Aquarians one sheet design …

The Aquarians, art by Grant Fausey ™ & ©2019 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC
All Rights Reserved

Now in development: Author Grant Fausey’s The Aquarians from Fausclan Entertainment Novelizations, and Fireworks Film Works, a Division of Fausclan Entertainment, LLC

The Aquarians is an anthology series on a multigenerational, science fiction, fantasy and horror platform. The book series is serialized with stand alone episodes as well as season arcs. Book One: January’s Curse premiers summer 2020.

™ and ©2019 Fausclan Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Visit the official website:

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